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Best Options For Removing Unwanted Hair

Unwanted body hair can send an image that we don’t want to send. Simply put, it is a nuisance that has to go. Here are a few methods to make removing hair simpler, ranging from the most time consuming to the quickest hair removal methods.

1) Water-proof electric razor

One of the best ways to save time is to do two things at once. Applying shaving cream and using a manual razor takes more time. So, save your self some time by getting a rechargeable electric razor that doesn’t require you to apply shaving cream so that you can get your daily shaving done while you shower.

2) Hair removal lotion

Hair removal lotion (aka depilatory cream) can be used in as little as five minutes on thick hair and is even quicker on thin hair. If you do not mind the smell, hair removal lotions are a quick option that leaves moisture in your skin and can slow the regrowth of hair.

3) Epilator

Epilators are tweezing machines. And, the good news is there are wet/dry epilators like shavers, so you can use them in the shower too. They are a little bit more difficult to use than razors because you have to make sure not to get your skin caught, but they are a great option for those who don’t like removing hair every day.